What is The Nu Essentials and How Did I Get Here?

What is The Nu Essentials and How Did I Get Here?

I feel like we should talk about this….

Starting a business is a HUGE undertaking and starting it RIGHT, is what we need to talk about! 

Let me start off by saying I have been planning The Nu Essentials for TWO YEARS!!! Yes, you heard that right two years! Within those two years I went through a lot of emotions: fear, doubt, uncertainty, excitement, and many more. However, at some point you have to stop planning and start doing! Do it scared, do it with doubts, because if you don’t you will become stagnant and there’s nothing worse than becoming stagnant in your life. What’s that saying.. “Comfortability is the enemy of progress”.. I’m not sure who said this, but I was an example of this!

Now…The Nu Essentials has had three name changes and it wasn’t until I had a meeting with my unofficial, official accountant that this name came about… I use Kaizen Accounting for a lot of my business needs on the legal side (a Bay Area accounting, business solutions, and tax preparation business). And now that I mentioned the legal setup lets stop and just talk about that for a moment.. the legal aspect of starting a business! Setting up your business right legally is the MOST important aspect when you start planning for your business. If you’re not legally setup right, stop what you’re doing, do not pass go, please go back and do this. IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO THIS YOURSELF, DON’T! (I can't stress this enough). There are so many people who think "I can set it up myself", whether it's an LLC, a Sole Corp, etc and really not many people know every aspect of how to do this right. There's a reason there are professionals who went to school for this, we can't be an expert in everything!

When I started planning there was some knowledge I had to immerse myself in first, and learn, so I didn't find myself later on in a situation that could have been avoided. Also, it's just good to have as much information on all aspects of your business as you can, so you can be knowledgeable. A lot of these tips I learned from “You are a CEO”, a company that teaches you how to become the CEO of your life, meaning you run the business of you, so we have to educate ourselves in order to do that. This company has an app where you can watch so many videos on business, entrepreneurship, building a healthy mindset, eating healthy, etc, there’s just so much good information on the app to just have a successful and fulfilling life. Anyways as I was saying the legal aspect… this was my biggest concern before I started my business and it caused me to pause so many times before I kept going. When I wrote out all of the things I needed to do, before I started my business I made a decision that before I did anything else I would understand the legal side and set my business up the right way. Once I did this it settled a few of those doubts and fears. For those who need/want more information on things you need to think about before you start your business or just some direction, I will put links to Kaizen Accounting and You Are A CEO to point you in the right direction!

Now how did this name come about and why after all of the other names I picked out, did we settle on this one (and by we, I mean me). So originally I had two business ideas and the first one was a clothing boutique which was going to be called “Fashion Therapy”. I have always loved fashion and just unique clothing apparel, and as most women know, without the funds, it’s hard to really dress in the style you prefer. I’m telling you money doesn’t buy happiness, but it definitely solves a few problems lol! Now my other business name was going to be “NonEssentials” because as we know most of us wouldn’t consider shopping for a lot of clothes “essential”, but if you ask me it should be. Now since no one asked me that, I will cut to my other business idea, which was to sell self-care items. I have a huge passion for self-care items because I like to relax and enjoy my free time as much as possible. We all need those items to relax after a long work week, or long nights of studying, or even just when life happens. We think how will I relax: whether that’s lighting a candle, taking a bath, going for a walk, or just being with friends, we all have our own idea of self-care.

Now for me I love that side of self-care, but I wanted to go deeper with how we can use this term. I started thinking about my life rhythm, a term I learned once again from You Are A CEO. I started to think about where does my time go, are my days unbalanced, why do I feel tired all of the time, what does my schedule look like and overall how am I using those 24 hours in a day. Thinking about those things brought me to another aspect I could bring to my self-care business idea. I decided I will include: digital planners, calendars, journals, etc, to make sure I cover all of the way to make the best of our days. Soooo… that's how we came to The Nu Essentials, Nu pronounced as (New). I told my unofficial, official accountant my two business ideas and how my initial thought was that it would take me longer to start the self-care business, BUT he told me it was possible to do it now! I went to the RIGHT source to settle the rest of my doubts. He told me I could just combine my two ideas and make it one business, that way I didn't have to wait! So welcome to The Nu Essentials, where I will be changing the idea of what’s essential and giving you the essential tools needed and that I use. Now we can have what we want (clothes, because when we look good, we feel good) and what we need (self-care items redefined) to make sure we have a life balance.  

I hope you enjoyed my first blog post!! I am just pressing through these mind battles of what I can and cannot do, I’m trying! I am now a blogger, vlogger (subscribe to my YouTube channel and Entrepreneur! Let’s try together to build a successful life and help each other be content in the life we build for ourselves! 


Signing off..Lilah 

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